Mortgage Broking

Provide advice and guidance on lending solutions that best meets the client needs to maximise their situation. Then, handholding the client through the purchase / upgrade / refinance journey. Finally, providing an ongoing service to ensure the client pays the least amount of interest over the life of that loan.

“Banks work for their shareholders. Brokers work for their clients.”

Our methodical pre-qualification process ensures we take a holistic approach to your personal circumstances and financing requirements.

From the outset, we listen to your clients and research the best range of options available to suit your needs. In doing that, we focus on the following key areas.

  1. Helping you get into the property market sooner by understanding your options (outside of the traditional 20% upfront deposit method).
  2. How your debts fit in with and support your overall wealth creation strategy.
  3. Turning bad debt (non-deductible) into good debt (deductible).
  4. Ongoing debt reduction strategies.
  5. Ensuring you understand that the interest rate is just one aspect of the loan and that structuring, purpose and debt reduction are much more important factors to overall wealth creation.